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Sheffield36.com connects the people of our area to Essential Services, Food Shops & Takeaways, Businesses, Professional Services, Events, News and Notices from the local and surrounding areas.

Sheffield36.com invites local businesses, organisations or enthusiastic individuals to contribute to our community by showcasing their businesses or services, contributing to news that may be of interest, submitting notices and events.

Sheffield36.com is a not for profit venture and will seek to fund itself via added value services voluntary contributions and sponsorship.

Add your business or organisation to Sheffield36.com, send us what you want to say about yourself and an image(s) you want to display and we’ll do the rest. See how to format your email here.

email : contact@sheffield36.com

If you would like to contribute to the site with News or Notices

email : contribute@sheffield36.com

Alternatively you can fill out the following contact form.