Adding Yourself

You can add yourself to by email ! Below is an example of what to do.

Start by inserting your image, best results are with medium quality and not less than 350px wide

The subject in the email see above is “Take Away”, this will be the headline of your page. Now you can add an excerpt, keep this short and to the point describing in one or two sentences what your business or organisation does. You need to insert your description between two tag as shown below


We are a cosy restaurant serving English cuisine situated on the main road in Penistone. We open from 2pm-11pm seven days a week taking reservations on 0114 288123456. Please click through for our menu.


Then you can continue by adding further details giving your address, an overview of your menu and anything else that gives your potential customers more information.

You can then optionally add a table which can represent a price list or menu by adding some HTML markup, don’t worry if you find this confusing or feel you are unable to do it yourself, we can help!

<!DOCTYPE html>
table {
 font-family: arial, sans-serif;
 border-collapse: collapse;
 width: 100%;

td, th {
 border: 1px solid #dddddd;
 text-align: left;
 padding: 8px;

tr:nth-child(even) {
 background-color: #dddddd;

<h2>My Restaurant</h2>

   <th>Menu Item</th>
   <th>Price (£)</th>
   <td>Rump Steak</td>
   <td>Steak & Kidney Pie</td>
   <td>Another Item</td>
   <td>Item size</td>
   <td>Item Price</td>



You can add as many rows as you like (see red above). You can view the result of this email by looking at the “Business Card” on the front page “Take Away”.

You then send your email to, that’s it your done ! This will then be reviewed and we will put it LIVE as soon as we can, and if you’ve made a mistake, we’ll fix it.

You can see how this would look by clicking here.